The animal spirit superpower of TURTLEMAN is ancient, and bonds with someone who loves the land of the Kentucky region. Together, they strove to protect the environmental balance. In recent history, the traditions and bond were shattered.

Young Ernie's outdoor play and serendipitous discoveries re-awoke the forgotten spirits. Each childhood stumble would mirror a great path shared by countless generations of Turtlemen. Choices in his youth reverberate thru-out Turtleman's many adventures in the wilds of America.

Join U.S. Park Ranger Brown as he is challenged by the clever machinations of the Inkydo Corporation and their Cadre of Defilement - Rat, Weasel & Skunk!!!

Explore the mysterious depths of Turtle Cave.
Master the Turtle Shield.
Restore the Turtle Necklace. Match wits against Inkydo --- but Beware of Agandr!



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